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Digital disruption is affecting all industries and business categories, but it particularly impacts individuals – all of whom have differing capabilities and skills.

Not everybody is good at Maths and Science or English (brain). Some people have strong design skills (eye), some people have strong practical trade skills (hand). Some people have a mix of those skills. Some people have no skills. We have to support all of them. Because some will be left out, and we need to plan how we can include everybody.

In most cases the job threat from digital disruption represents replacement not displacement. A robot or software product or both will replace the job completely, not just displace or push workers into some other job opportunity. Because the impacts are happening across every industry sector, and in every country pretty much at the same time.

As a student, What should I study in the short term and longer term? And, How will the work environment I expect to enter change? Two simple questions. But highly relevant to students in schools, higher education and training. And to their parents. These questions are also important to the rest of us. Because the technologies that affect students, will also affect our jobs and workplaces into the future.

So what are the pathways to employment?

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