Coronavirus Survey Project Responses

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  • “New business has come to a standstill, employees wellbeing and mental health is a problem”.

    – Engineering Consulting Services
  • “People are now deferring non-essential work”

    – Plumbing Service
  • “Provision of education in an online environment. Untested territory”

    - Secondary Education
  • “Paying refunds for tours to people also in need of money”

    – Road Passenger Transport


Downloadable spreadsheets available here. Updated regularly.


  • “Uncertainty about when international flights will resume”

    - Computer Software
  • “Collapse of demand for goods and services resulting in less advertising demand”

    – Media Sales
  • “Project delays due to postponement of site visits”

    – Waste Treatment
  • “The market in recruitment has largely evaporated.”

    - Employment Agency

Compare your business activity levels pre-virus with now. What is your expected level of business activity over the next 9 months? How long have you operated?


  • “I will close business in 6 months without new sales”

    – Computer System Design
  • “No cash flow. can’t pay rent.”

    - Catering Service
  • “No income until travel restrictions are lifted”

    - Accommodation

How may months can existing funds/cash-flow cover operational expenses?


  • “Have already let 4 out of 7 people go to ensure we can pay their entitlements in full and on time.”

    - Design Service

Current staffing levels. What is your anticipated staffing outlook?

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