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Participating High Schools fully subsidise (600) students from the school via a unique subscription coupon - a per user discount of over 80%

$3000 +gst

Digital disruption is impacting the world of work. Everybody needs to plan for this new reality and a good place to start is by understanding why this change is happening to the work environment.

Robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, holochain, 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality and BIM amongst many other technologies are changing the nature of work. Some technologies bring opportunities and some threats, but the overall result is net job loss.

The High School version maps these threats and opportunities so that students, parents, teachers and employers can start thinking about study and work options differently. 

The High School version also includes videos, podcasts webinars etc in the Library under headings - Innovation, Future of work, Sustainability, Study and Employment.



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