Organisations and employees

Construction is the industry with the largest number of businesses in Australia and is also a large employer. Health and Social Services is the largest employing sector, followed by Retail, Construction, Professional Services and Education.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics are the biggest challenge to future employment, with potential impacts on jobs in nearly three quarters of all business categories.

It is still early days, and the real impacts will not be seen for many years. But it is best to be prepared.


Which sectors are safest and why?

  • Creative industries and Sport – low threat, but low reward. The gambling lobby is strong.

  • 93% of farms - “mum and dad” farmers. Farm labour a challenge. Technology an opportunity.

  • Brick and wood homes – renovation + innovation with solar, smart homes, homes offices.

  • Demand for lifelong learning, new skills – curriculum has to adapt to 21st century demands.

  • Opportunity in waste management, water, renewables, land and mine reclamation.

  • Opportunity in “energy” minerals and rare earths, and export of mining technology.

  • Market growth - ageing population, NDIS. Requires new skills. Patient centric shift in healthcare.

  • Government a significant employer. Jobs protected by political expediency.

  • Low wage, low reward jobs. Gig economy. Service quality increasingly important.

  • Mostly low wage jobs. Auto and appliance repair challenged by software and circular economy

  • Automation slow. Issues of legislation, insurance and existing infrastructure. 60% owner drivers.

  • Challenges of robotics, automation, 3D printing. New business models, value adding, marketing.

  • Technology has impacted all media and telecommunications. Now facing new challenges from AI.

  • All traditional “agents” threatened by software. Artificial intelligence takes threat to a new level.

  • Professionals that originate solutions are safe. Professionals that process are threatened by AI.

  • Retailers selling “anything in a box”  = threat. Fresh, local, convenience and specialised = safe.

  • Valuable personal service provides protection. Employment, clerical, labour hire under threat.

  • Robotics is pushing the wholesale sector towards bigger, closer, cheaper and faster operations.

  • Finance and insurance brokers are threatened by AI. The whole sector has to rebuild trust.

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